Backlinks : 3 Untapped ways To Build High quality Backlinks 2018

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Do you wanna build high quality backlinks for better ranking??. Today we are gonna discuss about the method to create obscenely high quality backlinks. And also some dofollow auto approve blog commenting sites list will be provided.

What is backlink???

Backlink is a incoming links from other website. It has its significant value in ranking. Though nowadays, it is said that ‘Content Is King’ and you will rank in google according to your content it still game a role while ranking in high competition keywords.

Backlinks : 3 Untapped ways To Build High quality Backlinks 2018

In this video I have guide you through 3 powerful ways to build High quality backlinks from high authority websites in 2018 , which significantly will improve your ranking.
These are 3 untapped ways that i followed in the video to build obscenely powerful backlinks with proof.

1) Blog commenting sites having Da Pa 80+.

high quality backlinks, auto approve blog commenting site

You can create high quality backlinks from a blog( that has Da 88 Pa 44 and Page Rank 7. So, to create high qaulity backlinks from it . You have to put your name as your anchor text and you domain url in site web and you have to verify that you are a human. Its a france site so you may face problem in verifying as human. Follow the steps mentioned in the video.

2) Creating backlinks from wikipedia (which is the most powerful).

high quality backlinks, auto approve blog commenting site

Wikipedia provides the most powerful backlinks than any other does. But its not easy to make it active for long time, So write your content such that it provides the necessary information and add link to your related content. Check out the video mentioned above to create backlinks from it.

3) Creating Backlinks from One-Tab chrome extension.

high quality backlinks, auto approve blog commenting site

This method is really simple and easy. All you have to do is add a One Tab extension in your chrome or firefox. After that first open the page for which you want backlink for. And open few more sites in different tabs related to your keyword that has low ranking around 40+.

Now go to the your url where you want backlink and click on one tab extension on right top corner of your browser which will create 1 tab which includes all your opened sites.

You will find option of share as web page. Click on it and copy the url of new page that is opened after clicking on share as web page. Now, you are about to be done. Go to Webmaster summit url and paste your copied url. Congratulation, you’re all done. Wait for 5-6 days for your links to be active.

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So, these are the tactics that only few people know about it and are significantly improving their ranking.
In the video i have talked about only 1 site that gives high quality links with auto approved comment.
If you want more auto approve commenting high quality sites : Check this sites to build powerful do follow backlinks :

Auto-Approve do follow blog commenting sites List

If you wanna check if your backlinks of your site for free Head over to and input your url.4
Note : The links you create from the video takes at least 5-6 days to work.
After that your post will start climbing the position like a rocket. But remember one thing ‘Content is still a king’ Even if you get lots of links but if you write low quality contents google gonna kick you.
So, go with high quality content(include more image and text than your competitors and give some extra relevant information) and follow these backlinks steps.
You’re gonna rock.
Hope you guys liked it.

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