How to get adsense approval easily in 2018 ?(updated method)

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Hey bloggers, today i’ll guide you through the secret tips on How to get adsense approval easily in 2018? These are the most important factors that will surely lead your site to adsense approval. SO, try to catch up the every points listed here.

How to get adsense approval easily in 2018
How to get adsense approval easily in 2018 ??

Using this trick you will experience how to get adsense approval easily in 2018 for any kind of website(even of blogger and wordpress platforms)

  • Buy a custom domain.
  • Buy quality hosting.
  • Minify html, js, css files and remove query strings to increase site speed.
  • Add specific pages like home about, contact, privacy policy and disclaimer.
  • Write up to 12-15 quality post(minimum 400+ words).
  • Do not copy image and text from other sites.
  •  Use heading and subheadings in every post.(most important)
  • Drive daily 15+ traffic to your site( use forums like quora, reedit for it).
  • Use at least 2-3 images in your post that describes your content.
  • Ensure you create proper user experience.
  • Do not change theme till adsense response.
  • Create a gmail id of your site to apply for adsense and to get approved. eg-

I am sure many of you are beginner right now and you may not be able to do all of these easily. So, i am here with full explanations of these steps.

1) Buy a custom domain.

You can buy a custom domain for your site from domain provider like godaddy and many more. But if you dont want to invest in it. You can seee this article, how to get top level domain for free.

2) Buy quality hosting.

There are many hosting providers like hostgator, bluehost that provides you quality hosting in few sum of money. But even if you do not want to invest in it. You can see best free hosting provider.

3) Minify html, css and js and remove query strings.

This is the most important one because adense team first look at your site speed and decide to approve or disapprove. Even if your site meets all the criteria, if your site speed is slow, then your adsense ac might be rejected. Though it is very hard to perform this action using hands, I have brought up solution for it. If you use wordpress in your site, then you can search for auto optimize plugin to minify html, css and js scripts. After that you can use remove query strings from static resources plugin to remove query strings. To perform this action, you just need to activate these 2 plugins and it will automatically do the work for you.

4) Add specific pages like home, contact, about, privacy policy and desclaimer.

First of all, in the page section you need to create 4 pages of contact, about, privacy policy and desclaimer.

Privacy policy.

To create privacy policy for your page, you need to install the plugin auto terms and policy and you need to fill up some forms in its setting after you activate that plugin. And it will provide you small code that you have to paste in the text option in your privacy policy page.


In order to create desclaimer for your site, go to google and type free desclaimer generator and you can use any of the generator to create. After you generate desclaimer, copy and paste the text in the visual section of desclaimer page.


You need to write about yourself, your interest, hobbies, profession that describes you in about page.


In this page you need to create contact form so that people can leave a message for you. TO do that, go to add new plugins and install an activate contact form 7 plugin. And go to setting option

of it and get the code and paste that in text section of contact page.

5) 12-15 quality post(400+words).

You need to up to 15 quality posts that have at least 400 words in it. Quality posts means you should write the content that people are searching for and ensure you do not write content related to sexual and hacking or that creates harm to people. Adsense strictly disallow it.

6) DO not copy text and images from other sites.

Adsense is much more clever than you think. So, you should not use any kind of text or image that are not allowed by the owner. Yeah, you can use same images, if you insert watermark in it.

7) Use heading and sub heading in every post.

This is the most important point, that every beginner miss while applying for adsense and they gets rejected. So, do not forget to use heading and sub heading in your post. Use h1 in main point of the post and prefer to use h2 and h3 for the most time.

8) Drive daily traffic from forums like (quora, reedit).

In order to get adsense approval, it is also necessary that your site receives daily traffic. So, you can find the questions in quora and write the answer to its in your site and copy the link and then comment the link in their link. You can also use reedit to share links, but first you need to earn reedit karma by doing upvotes and comment on other’s posts.

9) Use at least 1 or 2 image in your post.

IT is also necessary that you include 1 or 2 images in each of your posts to get adsense approval.

10) ensure you create proper user experience.

It means that your visitors should be able to access every pages of your site easily. So, you  need to manage your navigation menu properly.

11) Do not change theme until adsense response.

You should not change your theme if you have applied for adsense till adsense provide response to your application. Otherwise it may say that you site is still under construction.

Create a gmail id of your site.

It means that you need to apply for adsense from the gmail of your site. Like if my site is then i should create a gmail account of so that adsense would be sure that the person is serious about its site and provide approval for it.

Note : Adsense recently adopted new policy, though it is not explained properly in terms and servic3. Now ,

many of you may face problem while getting adsense approval and you may get no reply message adsense of adhere to webmaster guidelines.

What is it??

Adsense introduced a new way to avoid rumor. Before people used to get adsense approval within a week the site is created using blackhat tricks like spinning and many more but now this is not going to work so far. As, now to get approval for adsense. Your at least 10-15 should be indexed in google and few posts should be ranked in top 100 results. So, now its your work to make your content unique, relevant and seo friendly, so that you can get adsense approval.

I have also brought  1 additional tips for you.You can use this trick to get huge amount of traffic on your blog. So do not miss it. Here is how you can get huge traffic on your site. Remember dont use this trick after you get approval from adsense. Also make sure that you do not use any other advertising network or affiliate ads while sending approval for adsense.

This was all about How to get adsense approval easily in 2018. Hope this article helped you, see you in next article.Let me know how you felt reading this article in comment.

Remember if you do not miss out any of these points, you will surely get adsense approval for your site within 2 days. I have got approval for my site in within 3 hrs.

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